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Going Out With A Bang: Zach Wilson's Mom Tells A Jets Fan Their Whole "Fanbase Is Toxic" and "Nobody Can Succeed There".

When it rains it pours.

And right now, it is fucking torrentially downpouring for Jets fans and Zach Wilson.

(sidebar - If I asked you who had a worse month, Wilson, or Ben Mintz, who would you say?)

His cougar mom, who's never been one to mind her own business and not insert herself into her son's career, did what I think any caring, protective mother would do in a situation where an internet troll talked shit about her son. She defended him. 

Now, had Wilson been balling this season, leading the Jets to a playoff return, this move would be applauded by all, and Mrs. Wilson would be a hero.


But since the victors write the history books, and Zach and the Jets are far from that, that's not the case here.

This relationship is like your buddy’s toxic marriage that you knew was fucking doomed from the start. You didn't say anything because you thought for sure he'd come to his senses and the universe would intervene, but before you know it, you're headed to a trainwreck wedding, stroking a present check for way too much money, only to watch the inevitable happen and everything crash and burn months later.

It'd be best if both parties go their separate ways immediately following week 18. Zach will head out west to a shit team like Arizona or Houston. The Jets will draft or overspend for another bust QB. And around and around we go. Time is a flat circle.

p.s. - the sad part is she is 100% right. the jets are radioactive. the second coming of belichick and brady could land there and they'd be mutated into rich kotite and chad pennington in no time.

p.p.s. - kinda weird vibes going on with your mom talking about you fucking her friend no?