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Best Of 2022 - Hey Guys, I've Said Some Very Mean Things About A Bunch Of My Co-workers On Reddit

Apparentley we need Elon Musk to purchase reddit as well if we really care about freedom of speech, because it sounds like theyre going to be publishing posts and DMs from peoples burner Reddit accounts any moment now. And while I like to think of myself as a pretty straightforward guy who says what he means and means what he says, I have a confession:

Ive been posting some things online about my coworkers. At first I did it just because it was fun. I enjoyed being a internet troll. But then I loved all the power it gave me and it became addictive. Do I regret it? Absoluteley not. 

In retrospect yeah its kind of embarassing to get caught going after all my coworkers and its not like i hold any animosty towards any of the people I trashed, they just happened to find themselves in the crosshairs on that particular day. No rhyme or reason to it I suppose.

Then i finally got my account nuked for misinfromation for simply posting what I believed to be a real picture. 

So there you have it. Hand up I trashed coworkers anonymously online, and while some of them probly had it coming and they know who they are and it could all probably just be resolved with one of his famous big warm hugs, I do regret them finding out about it this way. I hope you all will understand.