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The Browns Have Been Eliminated From The Playoffs And Now Kevin Stefanski Should Be Eliminated From Coaching Them

And with that, the Browns have officially been eliminated from the playoffs, clinching our 20th losing season since returning to Cleveland in 1999.

And with that, Kevin Stefanski needs to be eliminated, too.

Listen, I used to like the guy A LOT. In fact, I think the fact that I liked him so much has made me give him the benefit of the doubt for what can only be categorized as HORRIBLE coaching this entire season. But at this moment, I can’t think of even one reason to keep him around. Someone please feel free to give me a reason we should keep the guy, but while we wait, I’ll start listing reasons to give him the perfect Christmas gift of getting paid to no longer have to live in / coach in Cleveland.

1.) The Browns used to have terrible players, and we lost a lot of games. Now the Browns have very talented players, yet we still lose a lot of games. That is on one man: Kevin Stefanski. 

2.) This year’s Browns have lost to a Joe Flacco led team, a Bailey Zappe (309 yards and 2 TD) led team, and now an Andy Dalton led team. ALL THREE AT HOME. No excuses. It won’t get any easier to win in this league, and we still found ways to lose. That falls on one man: Kevin Stefanski. 

3.) His biggest strength is supposed to be that he’s an offensive genius and he might be the biggest offensive moron I’ve ever seen. His playcalling is simply atrocious. 3rd and 2 with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, let’s pass. 4th and 2? Let’s get Chubb off the field and throw it even deeper. And this isn’t even just today. This is EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. I feel like a broken record. 

And another broken record is what I’m 100% sure Kevin Stefanski is going to say in his post game press conference today. “That one’s on me”. Just like he’s done 8 other times this year. Just like he did when we blew a 13 point lead to the Jets. And like he did when blew a 4th quarter lead to the Falcons and Chargers. “It’s on me” is no longer a leader taking accountability. It’s an admission to the owner to fire his ass because he can’t lead a winning team.

4.) He should’ve been fired 6 games ago, but my #1 reason for keeping him was to wait and see what he could do with Deshaun Watson. Well, through 4 games we’ve scored a grand total of 60 points. 15 points per game, or 3.8 million dollars guaranteed per point. Point being, it’s not like we’re lighting up the scoreboard now that he has Deshaun instead of Jacoby Brissett. I don’t think Deshaun has shaken off all the rust yet, but by now we SHOULD see more than 10 points against the 5-9 Saints.

I could go on and on and on, but I’ll let the rest of Cleveland speak for me for a little bit.

Holy shit the more I read these stats the worse it gets. Was it not -100 degrees out there? Do we not have the best running game in the league? I don’t understand how we went down throwing today. Give Browns fans a Christmas present and fire his ass tomorrow morning.