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Adley Rutschman Doesn't Care About No Damn Snow, He'll Still Get His Workout In

Future MVP and All-Star catcher Adley Rutschamn is putting on a damn CLINIC on how to get your workouts in during a snow storm. Maybe the power is out, maybe you can't make it to the gym? That isn't an excuse for Adley. He will still get it in. He pops the top off, throws some boots on and grabs a 25 pound plate and gets to work. 

Nothing beats a workout where you can just lay on your back and slide your way down the street. No traffic to worry about so you can get those core workouts in. This is what separates Adley from the rest, your guys are on vacation, Adley is working out in the snow.  I don't care that this workout looks like it belongs in a Jameis Winston workout video, it works. 

So again, while your players are out there fattening themselves up for the holidays, Adley is working out like a manman. Workouts like that is how you hit bombs like this.