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As If There Was Even A Doubt, Tom Brady Says He’s "Clark Griswold When It Comes To Decorating For Christmas”

People- The NFL star, 45, dedicated the most recent episode of his Armchair QB video series to talking about the festive season and explained that his favorite part of it all is decorating.

"I think the best part about decorating for Christmas is you get to get in the Christmas spirit," he said.

Brady expressed that he's all about "a lot of lights, a lot of ornaments" and finds inspiration from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation's main character, fellow father figure Clark W. Griswold.

"I'm all about the Clark W. Griswold Christmas decorations," he joked. "I don't think you can overdecorate at Christmas."

First off, no offense, but how is Blaine Gabbert still in the league?

Secondly, was there ever a doubt that TB12 doesn’t go all-out, over the top, “see it from space”, when it comes to decorating his house for Christmas?

Comparing yourself to the other GOAT, Clark Griswald, when it comes to Christmas decorations are fighting words.

Giphy Images.

But if any man is going to make that claim and get away with it, it’s Thomas Edward.

P.s.- Brady’s gotta have an army of landscapers that do this for him right? There’s no way he’s getting up on a ladder stapling light strings onto his roof. Right? 

P.p.s.- (most sneaky funny line in the movie)