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This Is Why The Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl Is The Best Bowl Game Of The Year

On Pardon My Take… TOM FORNELLI! The College Football reporter for CBS Sports joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter to preview every angle of Bowl Season, which includes the most important game of them all… THE BARSTOOL SPORTS ARIZONA BOWL! 

It's Ohio vs. Wyoming TODAY, with everything on the line. How good of a game do we have on our hands? Fornelli is a huge fan of this matchup, and he explained why on the show…


Mr. Cat: What is your favorite bowl in the next week and a half, and why is it the Arizona Bowl with Ohio versus Wyoming?

Tom Fornelli: It's the Arizona Bowl because I am a loyal person, and Ohio was a very good team to me this season. They got off to a really crappy start, and the market kind of just wrote them off. They did not catch on, did not realize that this was a team that had kind of turned a corner at the end of September, and was playing much better than the numbers indicated. So, I caught on pretty early. I started betting Ohio in probably, early October, and they won me a whole lot of money. Kurtis Rourke [Ohio QB] will forever… if I ever have a kid, I might name him Kurtis Rourke, that's how much money I won thanks to him and the Bobcats this year, so I'm really psyched for them in that game.

Tom Fornelli: And I'm also a fan of Wyoming. I mean, this is, it's a fun program. It's always very windy in Laramie, so it's always been very profitable to bet unders for Wyoming home games, and you know, I was on Josh Allen before you guys were because I was watching Wyoming, of course, you guys were way ahead of the curve on him being great. I did not think he would be a very good NFL Quarterback, but I saw him before you guys even knew he existed, so I'm a big fan of Wyoming. So, Ohio-Wyoming, I think is an excellent matchup. I'm really looking forward to it.

Mr. Cat: Wow, you just street credited us, you just tried to call us casuals. 

Mr. Commenter: Tom, I was actually watching Josh when he was in JUCO, so…

Tom Fornelli: Oh, big JUCO stan, PFT…

Mr. Commenter: Oh yeah, I travel around, I go coast to coast.


There you have it, folks. Tom Fornelli just made a pretty good case for the Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl being the best bowl game that this year has to offer. Be sure to tune in to Barstool.TV TODAY with live pre-game coverage beginning at 3:45pm ET and then kickoff at 4:30 PM ET. Let's go!