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This Is A Reminder That The Yankees Forcing Their Players To Shave Their Facial Hair Is the Dumbest Thing In Sports

It's 2022, why are we still doing this? The Yankees franchise is obsessed with making their players get rid of their long hair, beards, and most other facial hair when they join the team. My question is who gives a shit anymore? Why is this still a thing? Carlos Rodón had his introductory press conference today and Yankees reporter Brian Hoch tweeted this quote out from Aaron Boone. Ha, it's a funny joke! Get it? Because the Yankees are stuck in the 1920s and don't want men to have beards or long hair, it's great! 

All I want is one good reason why this still happens. What is the purpose of it? I'd love to hear. It's just....accepted by everyone on the team. It doesn't make at all. 

Is it meant for players to look "professional"? Because if that is the case, I don't think anyone looks professional when they have a mouth full of dip and they're spitting everywhere while grabbing their dicks. Sure makes you look like a business man out there on the field, good call Yanks! Take Rodón's beard away and he's an average pitcher. Give Gerrit Cole his beard back and he easily lives up to his contract. Judge actually may break a legit record if he has a beard. But the Yankees don't want anything to do with that. 

It's such a foolish thing to tell these grown men they can't do what their body naturally wants to do, grow hair on your face. Mustaches are fine, we saw Matt Carpenter last year, but the no beard or long hair stuff is so overplayed. Who cares, just let these guys grow their beards. Try and be a normal franchise one time. 

Steinbrenner made this rule a billion years ago and it's so stupid that the Yankee players and fans actually still like it and support it. It's baseball, not a board meeting. Not having beards or long hair doesn't make you better on the field, that is a proven fact. It's got to be the dumbest thing going on in sports. It's not "tradition" either, it's just dumb. 

I guess this is what happens when you want complete and total control over EVERYTHING your players do, what a weird thing that people let happen. Who cares if Judge has a beard or not? So ridiculous.