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Buddy The Elf Being An Absolute Menace On The Ice Taking You Into The Holidays

Elf is a top-tier Christmas movie. No doubt about it. But the fact that this scene got left on the cutting room floor is one of the all-time misses in cinematic history. 

You want a scene to encapsulate everything a character stands for? This is the one. 

Buddy the Elf is a total locker room guy. Just someone who is willing to do whatever he can to help the boys. The team is getting walloped out there. You need someone to start throwing the body around and goon it up a little bit? He'll get greasy if you need him to. Anything for the team, Buddy is your guy. You need someone to score a juice goal to get the boys buzzing again? Buddy is your guy. He's a nice guy who tries hard and loves the game. 

Do Elves need enforcers? Not when Buddy's on the ice.