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Finally, Someone With A Brain: The US Open Cup Banned That Loser Salt Bae From Attending The 2023 Final

Is this just a publicity thing by the US Open Cup to strike while something is going viral? Sure. Do I care? Nope. I hope more events start to ban this loser. 

I want it to be as random as possible. I need the Barstool Classic to ban him. I need the G League to ban him from the playoffs. Need every event in the US to ban him. I don't understand how he's still 'famous' - I use that term so loosely. I don't understand how his 15 seconds of fame lasted this long. All the dude did was this

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It's not even good form! I don't need salt hitting arm hair on the way to my steak. Guy is a massive loser who tried to make Argentina winning the World Cup about him. The Messi thing was bad but him trying to salt the World Cup trophy was legit the worst thing I've ever seen and I basically live on the Internet because of this job. 

Get the fuck out of here dude. I'm just glad a US soccer event has morals. No playing in Qatar. No letting Salt Bae float around and try to get Instagram pictures. Now, sure, it'd be better if Messi was coming to the MLS, but Qatar's leadership wasn't letting him leave PSG after what he did to win the World Cup. 

So jokes on you Salt Bae. You're banned from the prestigious US Open Cup. Good luck getting Instagram likes now you dork.