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Minshew Mania Is Coming To Town For Christmas

Greg Fiume. Getty Images.

And there we go. Gardner Minshew will officially be QB1 for the Birds on Christmas Eve.

I've said this before already, but this is really the best possible option for the Eagles. From everything it sounds like, Jalen's shoulder sprain isn't any reason for concern. The fact that it took until Thursday morning to announce that he's officially out for Saturday's game makes me think that he would be able to play in Dallas if the Eagles actually needed him. But they don't. All the Eagles need at this point is one more win over the next 3 games, so this game against the Cowboys doesn't mean a goddamn thing. Thanks again to Doug Pederson and the Jags for that one. 

So now you get a chance to let Jalen Hurts rest up and get healthy before the playoffs get going. You also get to keep a lot of tricks in the bag instead of putting them out on film with a few more weeks to go until the playoffs. 

And we also get one last taste of Minshew Mania in Philly. 


Just imagine being able to tell your grandchildren one day about the time Gardner Minshew walked into Dallas and completely decimated the Dallas Cowboys organization on Christmas Eve. Don't get me wrong. Watching Jalen go down there and run it up on Dallas taking into the holidays would be as sweet as could be. But that can wait until the playoffs. Having the backup go down there and shove it up Jerry Jones' hoop like the Grinch shoving Christmas trees back up every chimney in Whoville is going to be immaculate. One or two more electric performances out of Gardner Minshew in an Eagles uniform before he goes off and secures the bag this offseason. There are a lot of shitty quarterbacks out there in the National Football League, and this will be a great opportunity for Gardner Minshew to campaign to take their jobs and their money. Guy's gonna be flying around out there, plus you know he's going to be playing with a little extra something for Mike Leach. 

Go Birds.