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'Whatever Brings The People In' - Lainey Wilson Doesn't Care How Many People Post Her Ass On TikTok As Long As They Listen To Her Music

Meet Lainey Wilson, a 30-year old country artist who just had a guest appearance on Yellowstone. I happened to be listening to KFC Radio when KFC brought up this TikTok and let me tell you. It's perfect. First, let me be a company guy, and plug KFC Radio here: 

Okay, now back to Lainey Wilson and her ass. People keep posting it on TikTok because, well, it's a great ass. We don't have to lie here. We compliment people around the holiday season. Lainey Wilson might be the first true country artist with an ass that can't stop being posted all over social media. 


Leah Puttkammer. Getty Images.
ABC. Getty Images.

Now she could have avoided the topic. She could have put out some woe is me statement. Nope. She's putting on a masterclass on how to use it to market her own songs. Like she said, whatever brings the people in. She doesn't care. Her video is actually funny. Credit to her for that. She's even doing more than that. She's dropping Instagram and TikTok posts about having a fat ass: 

Play all the hits referring dump truck. Embrace that you went viral for having a great ass and start selling your music even more. It's genius. It doesn't matter if you're in sports, music, media, movies, whatever. If you need eyes on you, use whatever advantage you have. So shout out Lainey Wilson. This is the perfect way to respond.