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HBO Releases A Trailer Of Their 2023 Lineup, Featuring True Detective S4: Night Country

This is my binge watching season. I don't give a flying fuck about the NBA or NHL so during the week, come 9pm I'm cooped up around a yule log, under a shitty blanket and with the better half (my dog). Currently, I just wrapped up season 1 of The White Lotus (it was excellent) and am in the midst of season 2 (excellent so far).

I'll also re-watch Band of Brothers. That's a bi-annual tradition I have with myself. Every single year I watch BoB in the days surrounding the 4th of July and then again 6 months later during Christmas. I anticipate knocking all 10 of those magical episodes in the coming days.

I also need to start Yellowstone and all of its spinoffs. 

But none of that matters right now. What matters is True Detective is taking its 3rd crack at duplicating the success of its first season, which is one of the greatest single seasons of TV in TV history. That's not me spitting a bullshit, it's an objective truth and even if you are a moron who disagrees, we ALL agree that this was the greatest single scene in cinematic history:

Giphy Images.


Unfortunately, season 2 of True Detective was an aborted fetus. A true abomination to the Lord, Jesus Christ. The most pathetic, awkward, dog shit that's ever sniffed air time on a small or big screen. Season 3? Eh… it was fine. But it was completely forgettable as well. I watched it week to week when it aired and hardly remember the plot and don't anticipate ever doing a rewatch so long as I live.

But we live in a world of repentance. Just ask Rico Bosco who's now on his 3rd or 4th strike or something. Idk I lost count. Regardless, I'm willing to give it a shot. I'm not saying I expect or even hope season 4 is on the same level of season 1. That's unfair. That's like placing HoF expectations on a 1st overall pick in X, Y or Z sport and then feeling disappointed when he only has a couple all star appearances when it's all said and done. 

Just give me 6-8 episodes that will have me enthralled for an hour a night. Something to look forward to. We have negative temperatures and a "snowmageddon" approaching Chicago this weekend and I'd love nothing more than to be able to look forward to every Sunday night when I'm stoned to bejesus on my couch. 

Per GQ, here's who's starring in the newest season: 

On top of Foster, Kali Reis stars as her partner, along with John Hawkes as Hank Prior, a police officer with old grudges hiding under a quiet surface; Doctor Who's Christopher Eccleston as the regional chief of police; and Killing Eve's Fiona Shaw as Rose Aguineau, a survivalist with a past full of secrets. Rounding out the wider cast there's Finn Bennett as Peter Prior, Anna Lambe as Kayla Malee, Aka Niviâna, Isabella Star Lablanc, and Joel D. Montgrand.

Jodie Foster is a great actress. You can consider my interest piqued. It already was, as season 1 "hope" is still lingering in my brain, but I'm excited. We're in the golden era of TV with everything HBO, Netflix, Hulu, etc. is putting out. That, and Nicolas Pizzolatto, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are all EPs. It'd be great if their competitive nature pulled through, they swing for the fences on this season and knock it out of the park.

PS - still, for my money, the greatest single scene in TV history: