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Always Have A Plan: Josh Jacobs Was Mic'd Up In The Huddle Talking About How Bad He Had To Pee And His Exit Strategy If He Pissed Himself

I'm not here to break down the Josh Jacobs run game or anything like that. I'm not even going to make fun of the Raiders or Derek Carr. I sure as shit won't defend Derek Carr, he's as average as average gets. Also just a weirdo who decides to change how he talks at all times. Whatever, I'm not here to do that. 

I'm here to talk about the dilemma. There's simply nothing worse than having to pee with nowhere to go. Road trips, The Dozen Tournament, middle of a game, etc. If you feel stuck and you feel that moment when you know it's going to happen, there's nothing you can do. You just have to pray. 

I can't imagine running AND avoiding getting hit. I say this as a father of 2. I say this as a man with a small bladder. I say this as someone who seemingly has to stop and pee at all times. I would take my 3-year old sweating out going from rest stop to rest stop on a drive than having to piss and try to run. You can't even run right. You have to do a little waddle. And Derek Carr is right. The moment you get hit? That piss is going EVERYWHERE. Might as well just pee yourself to start so you don't have to worry about it anymore. 

Don't get me wrong shitting yourself is way worse. Cleaning up someone else's shit is for sure the worst. But peeing yourself ain't great. It just sticks to you. You got that smell. You got the puddle in your pants. No thank you.