Tom Izzo Losing His Damn Mind While Wearing An Ugly Sweater Is The Funniest Moment We'll See In A College Hoops Game

I don't care what you think about Tom Izzo this is just fucking hilarious. I've made my point on him being an all-time complainer pretty clear, but I respect this. Out here dressed like he's going to his neighborhood party only to lose his goddamn mind while dressed like an elf. I don't know how this ref didn't start just laughing out loud in Izzo's face. I don't care if he's going full Jackie Moon and telling you to S his C, you see a guy who looks like Izzo, dressed like that, freaking out you have to laugh. There are no other options here. 

I need more coaches to dress like this. By this, I mean dress like assholes on the sidelines. Bob Huggins is the only one that can wear the track suit. Coaches now go 1/4 zips because everyone realized how dumb it is to have to wear a suit. I need someone to embrace the ugly sweater life. Do something that makes you stand out like Huggy. 


Let Oakland (who MSU played) head coach Greg Kampe wear it. Dude is hilarious, been around forever. He even explains it here: 

I don't want to know you if you can't laugh at Tom Izzo getting a technical dressed like this.