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My Big Fat Green Apple

NEW ANUS is out and my god is it one for the books. KB is playing through pain but delivers a masterclass roast of LA, Dickhead Of The Week, the worst snack run of all time, and an all time take on porn. Nick brings in a Green Apple the size of Shrek's ballsack and reveals what he got his autistic uncle for Christmas. Plus, Rudy's discord is full of respectful kings, Nick went "doodling", and KB is going to buy his mom a porsche. A classic for sure. Go listen now, god bless, and get it. 

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Moooo00OOOOOK Thoughts

I'm back with a slight put-on for the BRG's. I am now a tik tok guy, as I've found a way to conquer the algorithm, and while doing so I discovered the weirdest yet most entertaining tik tok series of all time. 

Meet Thunder Keck, the Stanford Football Player who's majoring in Computer Science and way too familiar with the dark web. He's a modern day oxymoron. This dude has stumbled upon a dark web service called, "Gnoming". Basically, you can "gnome" anyone in the world through this service, which means if you order this service you select a person to "get gnomed". The act of "getting gnomed" is not receiving oral sex from a pervert cosplaying playing a Gnome, rather, you select a target, and this service will deliver an inconvenient and creepy amount of Gnomes to their apartment, home, business, or wherever without a trace. Just random dudes dropping gnomes at your doorstep. It's a legitimate business operation.

In short, Thunder Keck found the service, ORDERED IT ON HIMSELF, and has documented the entire saga on Tik Tok. It's still going. 

Enjoy this series. The dark web scares the shit out of me and it should scare the shit out of you.