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MUST WATCH: Three Dominatrixes Spoke At A County Commission Hearing Last Night In Fort Lauderdale Asking For $250,000 To Build A Dungeon

Be more on-brand Florida. You can't.

Fuckin a man, "Mistress" is no joke. She is 1000% "about that life" as they say. This was not an act. Not one iota.

I doubt that leather bondage costume ever comes off. If she rolls into city council meetings like this, addressing the council members as "council people" and name-dropping herself, business is probably booming for her. You're lying to yourself if you didn't get a little tingly feeling in your loins. You beta.

Usually, these city and county council meetings are a snooze fest. Nothing wakes people up and gets them in the game like accusing the council members of cheating on their spouses. Which "Mistress" wasted no time in doing.

It was also a nice touch letting them now that she wasn't asking for the money, it was a demand. Build the doms and subs of Broward County a dungeon ("for them, by them" shout out FUBU), or she's going to spank the shit out of you.

There's so much going on in this video other than just the scene-stealing dom-trio that I don't want to get lost in the sauce so let's pay respect to the other characters, shall we?

First off, this guy really thought he slayed 'em with that "and happy holidays to you" closing remark.

Giphy Images.

But earlier, guy looked like he was going to have a heart attack watching these three strut to the podium.

"Oh fuck. I swear I paid in full. What they fuck are they doing showing up at my work? 

Should I yell our safe word? I think I need to yell our safe word"

Then there was this beaut

"If I jerk off up here under this table will anybody notice?"

And this lady

"White people are into some crazy shit."

This guy

"This job fucking sucks. I need to take a shit."

"Laura….? Is that you?"

"How sweet do these cargo shorts look on me ladies? 

Get a good look at the whole package. Take it all in."

"google: ball gag, butt plugs, fort Lauderdale"

"Hopefully they're here to propose a dungeon downtown. I'm a big dungeon guy."

"We know honey."

"What is a sub? How do I become one?"

Giphy Images.

We live in a society where taxpayers constantly get bent over by politicians. Props to Mistress and her pals for flipping the script and attempting to bend the politicians over here.

h/t Alex Lundy

p.s. - shout out to the greatest city council appearance ever. rip diarrhea. bolt up