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Tough Day: Iowa Hoops Suffers Biggest Upset This Century, Fan Gets Kicked Out For Going To Team Bench To Scream At Them About Defense


A lot going on here. You had Eastern Illinois at Iowa today for a little afternoon basketball. A delight even. Except if you're this Iowa fan. I don't blame him. Everyone knows Iowa's defense has been what's holding them back throughout the recent years. So what does he do? Take matters into his own hands. He goes from an upper row to the team bench to scream at them. I love it. Frankly, we need more of it. Fran clearly didn't have his team ready or they wouldn't lose to one of the worst teams in the league. They wouldn't suffer the BIGGEST upset in the history of the sport.

Go ahead and make St. Peter's jokes...

Okay we got that out of the way. It's true. 31.5 points is the biggest upset in the history of college basketball. Do you know how bad you have to play in order to lose at home as a 31.5 point favorite? Not even that. Do you know how bad you have to play to blow an 8-point lead at half? 

So yeah, let the guy yell. What's the worst that can happen? They play worse defense? They lose by double digits? Maybe he saw something that Fran was missing. Maybe he knows how to scout a bit better. I'm assuming it was things like keep the ball in front of you, shoulders squared, get in a stance. Shit like that, what we've heard since we were about 6. I'm not arguing against it. No one can because of the loss. 

I say fans should be allowed to do this at least once a season. You don't like something you get a free shot to coach for a huddle. Give them some of your opinions, Lord I knows have some. Give everyone a shot to try their best or each fanbase gets to designate a high council to do so. 

Tough day all around.