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Indianapolis Colts Name Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles Starting Quarterback (Yes, Nick Foles Plays For The Colts)

Consider this blog a PSA that Nick Foles plays football for the Indianapolis Colts. Did you know that? I'm curious as to what percentage of people who consider themselves NFL fans even knew that Nick Foles played for Indianapolis. I'm a Colts fan, and I barely knew. I had completely forgotten that Nick Foles was even an option. He has to be the least respected Super Bowl MVP winning QB of all time. I've been in multiple conversations with people regarding the Colts quarterback situation this year, and they always go something like this.

Other Person: "You guys have to get Matt Ryan out of there. He just doesn't have it anymore."

Me: "I know, but what else are we going to do, play Sam Ehlinger? He's even worse."

Other Person: "Yeah that's tough. You guys need to find someone. Maybe they can trade for Baker Mayfield or something. Or just wait until the off-season and sign a free agent."

Me: "Right. I'd take Jameis Winston at this point. We just need to find someone halfway competent."

The whole time the Colts have had a Super Bowl MVP sitting on the bench. And he's only 33 years old. For a pocket passer like Nick Foles, that's nothing. He's got a over a decade left to play in Tom Brady years. But not once this season has Nick Foles been seriously considered as an option. How did he get so washed, so fast? Could he really be so bad that he couldn't get on the field for the worst quarterbacked team in the NFL until Week 16?


Has he maybe been hurt? I don't even know. That just speaks to how little anyone gives a fuck about Nick Foles. Nick Foles stint with the Colts has been the least remarkable stint off all-time. He won a Super Bowl MVP by beating the greatest quarterback ever in Tom Brady, then we just never heard from him again. But luckily, the brain trust that is Jim Irsay & Jeff Saturday will be blessing our televisions with Primetime Nick Foles this Monday Night. Merry Fucking Christmas.

Writing Colts blogs is getting very depressing.