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Miller Kopp's Secret Words In Press Conferences Is One Of My Favorite Things Going

Miller Kopp is a sharpshooting forward from Indiana who's had his fair share of time in the Barstool stratosphere. 

First he was the guy who hit a 3 to get me on national TV.

Then he had a spat with Dave over a failed layup which turned into some shots at Dave's form on jumpers.

He got through all that and is enjoying another decent season at Indiana this year. Despite a recent loss to Kansas, the Hoosiers are ranked and should find themselves in the NCAA Tournament. Kopp has been in college for 5 seasons so he knows his way around block in terms of raucous crowds, practices, big games , and working the media. It's become a recent hobby of Kopp's to work in "special words" with him and his teammates in these press conferences. 

Here's some examples. 

You get the point. He's making mundane post game press conferences interesting by working in phrases or words with his teammates to lighten the mood in a situation where let's face it, nobody really says anything super interesting , or says a bunch of cliches / things everyone expects to hear.

Reporter :  "What did you guys do tonight that was the difference? " 

Player : "Well we worked real hard and gave a great effort …" 

Reporter : "How does it make you feel with the teams progress?" 

Player : "We just take it game by game". 

Same shit over and over, rinse and repeat. So Kopp actually adding some flair to these things is in my take interesting. I also thinks it keeps these reporters on their toes of barely listening when all of a sudden a guy works in "Anaconda" to a sentence. Wait what did he say? Yeah .. pay attention there buddy someone finally said something interesting. I also think it's a great way of bonding within the team and making each other laugh and keep things light. Also, Kopp only does this after wins. So it's not like he's making guys act like goofballs after a tough loss. 

My only challenge here is finding my way into the mix. So here goes my first attempt. Indiana's next game is 12/23 it's at home against Kennesaw State. They will likely win, which means a press conference. Hopefully he goes off and it's Kopp himself who finds himself on the podium, but if not, I hope he relays the message to whoever is answering the questions to work in one of these phrases. 

Now it's two days before Christmas so I figured working in a holiday type phrase would be my first attempt to get in on this ongoing "prank." Here's a bunch of phrases and Kopp and company can hopefully pick the one he or his teammates want to use. 

- "Wet Bandits" (Home Alone)

- "Turbo Man" (Jingle All The Way)

- "Pink Cadillac " (in honor of the famous Goodfellas scene) 

- "Welcome to The Party Pal "  (Die Hard) 

- " The 3 B's (Ball handling, Big shots, and Blocks) " - Bad Santa (changed for language… obviously 

So that's about it. That's my list, and I'm sure it helps Kopp because if Indiana is going to keep winning, he'll eventually need ideas to work into press conferences. Consider these the first wave … let's see if he comes through.