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'Mark Emmert Is A Liar, Conman, Thief And A Coward' - Reggie Bush Has Spent The Last Couple Days Unleashing Hell On The NCAA


Oh fuck yeah Reggie. Nothing unites everyone in the country like hating the NCAA and rightfully so. The fact that Reggie Bush lost his Heisman and still doesn't have it back is outrageous. We've talked about that enough. He deserves the Heisman. Remember he lost it because he allegedly accepted 'gifts' - including a limo ride to the Hesiman Trophy award among cash and others. You know, something that is wildly legal now. Something that NIL wouldn't even laugh about. 

So I love seeing this. Reggie saying he has receipts. Expose them. Put them all out there. Mark Emmert is on his way out and might be the most universally hated 'commissioner' in all of sports. He makes Rob Manfred look normal. He acted like a bigger dork that Goodell. That's how bad Emmert has been. 

He's throwing out the fact the NCAA paid $8 million. He's throwing out NDA's. I want to see all of them. Not like Reggie has anything to lose. They already took the Heisman from him. They already punished him. I know he works for the FOX show, but are they gonna stop having him work there if he exposes the NCAA? I don't think so. I mean if Urban can get a job there, surely Reggie will keep his if he keeps exposing the NCAA. 

I always hate this bullshit with the NCAA. We watched Reggie Bush play. We watched him win the Heisman. He's one of the most influenceable players of the 2000s. He's one of the most recognized players of the 2000s. Vacating a Heisman is as dumb as vacating wins/taking down banners. We saw it happen! You can't go in Men in Black on us and try to have us forget. This is still talked about: 


So keep going at them Reggie and give him back his damn Heisman.