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Aaron Judge Has Officially Been Named The Captain Of The New York Yankees

Mike Stobe. Getty Images.


Clearly the biggest news in baseball today just became official, Aaron Judge is now the captain of the New York Yankees. It's not a surprise, as every teammate in that clubhouse has viewed Judge as their unofficial captain and leader for the last few years now, but today the big man Hal made it a done deal while the Yankees announced their 9 year deal with the superstar. Judge joins a small fraternity of guys that include Jeter, Ruth, Munson, Gehrig, Mattingly, Randolph among other greats. Make no mistake about it, this is a big fucking deal. 

Merch in the store is live now. 

While this was fairly expected it still was pretty cool to see Derek Jeter up on the dais with everybody today. Getting him and Willie Randolph to show up today was special. 

As for the Correa news, as I imagine most of these comments will be about, I sorta respect Steve Cohen landing Correa today and stealing the thunder of this moment a little. That's some George Steinbrenner stuff. I have always said that if I have to worry about the Mets that means the Yankees are in the World Series playing them. If that's the case I'll be ecstatic and then there will be a war that will leave countless dead bodies. I'm stoked to have Judge, my captain, back in the fold for the next decade in that war. 


Now win.