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It Would Appear That Of All The Teams In Chicago, The Bulls Are The Most Fucked As Teammates Confront Zach Lavine At Halftime In Locker Room

It's tankathon.com time in Chicago. Every team is terrible. Barely a win in weeks. The baseball teams don't appear serious about spending and contending at the moment. Times are as hard as they've ever been. 

When you look at the tweet above there is one that doesn't belong. The Bears are bad, but they're fun. They finally have the right quarterback and it appears they have the right coaching staff. The #2 pick and a gazillion dollars worth of cap space gives us hope for 2023 and beyond. 

The Blackhawks are bad. Horribly bad. So bad I want to rip my eyeballs out when I watch them and rip my heart out because I know the end of Toews and Kane is coming rapidly. With all that being said...they are in the same boat as the Bears, but just a little further behind in the process. You can already see some things starting to take shape

The other reason why the Bulls don't fit with the other two is that the ONLY way they have the rights to their lottery pick is if it's in the top 3. Otherwise it goes to the Magic as they are still collecting from the Vooch trade. 

The Bulls have...issues

Zach Lavine, apparently, bad teammate and major asshole….allegedly. Not a good situation when your franchise player who is in year 1 of his 5 year $215M contract is having an open mutiny against him by his teammates during a game. What a difference a year makes.  A year ago the Bulls were on top of the world. They were fun. They were the #1 seed in the East. They were cooking with Donovan on the bench, Lavine and Demarr theoretically splitting MVP votes, and Lonzo making the whole thing go. On top of that the Bulls had Patrick Williams waiting to comeback from injury. AK was looking like a genius. 

Now…Patrick Williams is trending towards the bust label. Lonzo is trending towards the DRose injury arch. Demar is inching towards 35 years old. And everyone hates Lavine. 

As we head into 2023 I think you can make an argument that the Bulls went from the healthiest franchise in the city to the most fucked in a year. Max deal to the wrong guy. His supporting staff are all on the wrong side of 30 and their lottery pick belongs to someone else. Oh, and…Lauri and Wendell Carter are looking pretty good in their new situations. 

Here is how I would rank the teams in terms of my future optimism. 

1) Bears

2) Blackhawks 

3) Sox (minus points because of Jerry, but they still have a pitching rotation)

4) Cubs

5) Bulls. 

I think the Bulls are a DISTANT 5th as well. The NBA is the hardest league to build a champion, but the Bulls feel like they need another complete rebuild because as things stand right now they're a complete mess with a ceiling of maybe a first round exit if they turn things around. That's a bad place to be.