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Uhh, What: Tight End Devin Funchess Is Talking About Potentially Giving Up Football To Try And Play In The NBA

You can just ... do that? You can just declare for the NBA like it's the transfer portal? We've seen plenty of college basketball players make the switch to football and become a tight end in the NFL, but not the other way around. Hell, Funchess hasn't played basketball since high school. I'm not saying he wasn't good, but, this might be shocking - NBA players are really fucking good.

There's also the fact that Funchess is 6'4", 230ish pounds. He'd be a guard. You're telling me he's sticking with the 1s and 2s in the NBA? I don't think so. I don't care if he's a professional athlete. There's no shot Funchess can check a Tyrese Haliburton - who is listed at 6'5". 

Think about all the great college basketball players that couldn't hack in the NBA. Guys like Jimmer, Frank Mason, Luka Garza, etc. We're talking about NPOY's in college basketball that are floating around the G League or playing overseas. Now you're telling me a guy who was a good high school player turned NFL player is going to make it? I don't think so. 

At least he has some sort of common sense here: 

[Source] - “When it comes to my love and my passion, I love the game of basketball,” said Funchess, who said he had to give up hoops for the pigskin back in high school. “As in my transition from dwindling down in the NFL, being an eight-year vet, I’m still 28 years old. I can still go through something. I know I’d have to go overseas and play, get some film. But after that, my dream growing up was to play in the NBA. That’s my main goal and that’s what I’m gonna make happen.”

As for his game in that quick video? Decent shot. Good range. But that handle? Ehh. That's not an NBA handle. You can't be running a small ball 4 or anything like that at 6'4" either. I get that playing football could suck - mostly because I don't want to get tackled going across the middle or have to block a defensive end. But go play for a contender. Go try and get a ring.