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This Girl Showed Off Her Toe Reduction Surgery And It Has The Internet Buzzing

This little piggy went to the market

This little piggy came home

Athena thought it looked like her piggies were throwing up gang signs

So Athena went and had some work done

And now those little piggies could slay slay slay slay on FootFinder all day until they pay for a new home

The internet is trying to shame Athena for what they are calling her "gremlin feet" after she had toe reduction surgery and I will not stand for it (pun intended). If she wanted to take her Yao Mings and turn them into Nate Robinsons that's her business. Who am I to toe shame?

Do I think it's a little insane to spend thousands of dollars to have half your toes sawed off? Sure. But I also don't have to strut around in open-toed Jimmy Choos. It's easy for me to play armchair toe-erback from the comfort of my Vans. So do your thing, Athena. You won't get any hate from me. 

Unfortunately, you cant share your dubs on the internet these days without other haters coming out in full force. Especially on TikTok, which is an app where many people (me) find the comments far more entertaining than the content that is posted. 

These are completely out of line. Hilarious, but out of line. If I have one criticism for Athena it would be the same one Seth had for the girl who got the breast reduction surgery in Superbad. This is like slapping God in the face.

I am not a foot guy whatsoever. I don't care if you're a foot model or it looks like you have been tap dancing on gravel, they aren't going anywhere near my mouth either way. But what about all the foot guys out there who long for some longs? That like some distance to their phalanges? Who like long tongue walks down pinkie toe lane? What about the Jersey Jerrys of the world?

You may have just crushed some of their dreams. No matter your body size or your toe length, there is always someone out there who finds you sexy. There is a perfect someone for everyone I always say. Your toe just has to find it's perfect mouthmate. But at least now you don't have to worry about that person having a bad gag reflex. 

I'm just happy Athena likes the look of her tootsies in her Valentinos and is proud enough to post them on TikTok. You go Athena. Maybe they will even make a cameo on her Instagram soon too.