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There's Something Special Happening With The New York Knicks And Anyone Still Complaining About Jalen Brunson Is A Certified Moron

Let's get right to the point here. 1) There's something happening with the New York Knicks. 2) Anyone who complained or still is complaining about Jalen Brunson's contract is a certified moron. The man went from people screaming about him being overpaid to quickly anyone with a brain realizing he's underpaid. He's on pace to be on the All-Star team. He's putting up 21 per game to go with 6 assists and shooting 37% from three. That's pretty good! 

More importantly he's the offense that the Knicks needed. Two years ago we were losing our mind because we were a 4 seed. Then we saw what happened in the playoffs if people take away Julius Randle. He didn't have any help on offense. Jalen Brunson is that guy. He's the guy you give the ball to late and say go win us a game. I'm not saying the Knicks are winning a title, but we're 18-13, top 6 in a loaded East. 

So choo choo! Bandwagon is leaving the station. Now, sure, there's no deadline to hop on the bandwagon. I understand it's still football season. But you're missing out on something special. Not just the play on the court. Not just the fact Julius Randle looks like the All-Star from two years ago. Not just the fact Thibs is playing Grimes and Quickley and McBride. Not just the fact they are winning games - 8 in a row. But they are a lovable team. They are easy as shit to cheer for. 

Not to mention Isaiah Hartenstein is the steal of the offseason signing. Perfect backup big and he's got Kourtney Kellar believing in the Knicks: 

Thank you Mark Cuban for not paying Jalen Brunson.