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This Kid In India Who Got A Javelin Thrown Through His Neck At A Track & Field Meet And Survived Is The Real MVP

Marca - Sadanand Meher, 14, was enjoying sports at the Agalpur High School in Odisha, India, when the strange tragedy happened on December 17. After a student hurled the spear, disaster came when it pierced the boy's neck from one end to the other.

The projectile is seen poking through the boy's throat like a rubber arrow from an old Western movie as bystanders and medical professionals lead him out of the back of an ambulance. Despite the horrifying wound, the child appears to be able to walk by himself and even holds the javelin steady with his hands while being transported to the hospital.

The boy is making a good recovery

After being transported to the Bhima Bhoi Medical College & Hospital, the boy's spear was successfully removed from his neck by medical professionals there. He miraculously made it through the terrible calamity without suffering any permanent damage, according to Jam Press.


If I gave you three guesses where this occurred before reading it, I'm willing to bet you would have nailed, "India".

What a wild place. I can't tell if it's because its just extra crazy there? Or if its a law of percentages thing, and since they have 10 trillion people there, that insane shit, defects, and surviving javelins through neck injuries just comes with that territory?

Either way, if Sadanand here does win football guy of the week this week, I have a major beef with Billy Football. 

The fact this kid took a spear through the throat, and didn't even flinch is as tough as it fucking gets. Even hockey guys cringe at the thought of that. (Pussies).

He just walked it off, like it was fucking splinter. Poor kid was trying to keep his balance by holding the thing on both sides, and trying to figure out how he was gonna fit in one of those tiny cars they whip around India to get to the hospital. 

(Fun Fact - Throwing the javelin as a sport evolved from the everyday use of the spear in hunting and warfare. It was widely practiced in Ancient Greece and incorporated into the Olympic Games in 708 BC as part of the pentathlon. It has been part of the modern Olympic Games program since 1908 for men and 1932 for women.)