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Horrible AWFUL News - Carlos Correa Failed His Physical And Now The Giants Deal Might Be Dead

AP - The San Francisco Giants postponed a news conference Tuesday to introduce Carlos Correa after a medical concern arose during the All-Star shortstop’s physical, according to two people with direct knowledge of the situation.

The people spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Tuesday because the Giants have not announced publicly any details regarding Correa’s $350 million, 13-year agreement, not even that Tuesday’s availability was to introduce the prized free agent.

One person confirmed that Tuesday’s conference to welcome Correa was put on hold because the sides were awaiting the results of testing. A second person said that a medical issue was flagged during Correa’s physical.

BOMBSHELL development out of San Francisco today

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$350 million big ones promised til 2035. TWENTY THIRTY FIVE. Staggering contract from the Giants after losing out on the Aaron Judge sweepstakes. Terrible situation for all parties involved. 

For those wondering how this doesn't come up til now, we've actually talked about how intense these physicals are on Starting 9 frequently. Some good stories under those covers as it's wayyyyy different compared to what we've come to expect when you hear physical exam. It's not just holding your balls and asking you to cough. It's not staring at the vision chart and then filling out the allergy chart. Legend has it they run you through every medical imaging device known to modern healthcare. Doctors everywhere looking at every joint, tendon, fiber and body mechanic in-between. MRI here. CAT scans here. Like the Russian training scenes from Rocky IV in the Soviet lab except they're not pumping you full of steroids. They're looking for something that could ruin a $350,000,000 investment over night, and sounds like they found something. 

No reason speculating now but that won't stop me. Could be his bulge. Could be a shoulder or an elbow. Maybe some funky bloodwork needs to get double checked. No fucking clue right now. Just that it's a bad situation. 

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