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Reags Is Wrong. Cologne Air Fresheners Could Be The Next Million Dollar Idea For Jerry Fragrance

I hope Reags takes this in stride as I am planning to calmly lay out my opinions instead of screaming and yelling. Part of that is my road to self improvement, the other part is I have an opinion on this but it doesn't change my life one way or the other. 

As I was scrolling through the old bird (Twitter), I happened to see Reags weighing in on this Axe Air Freshener hanging from the rearview mirror. He called it the most white trash thing he's ever seen. Now he could be right, but would his attitude change if the fragrance hanging from the rearview was a little more high end? Would Reags attitude change if maybe he took his friends idea and made it better .. a la Mark Zuckerberg and the Winklevoss twins ? 

Let me introduce him to Jersey Jerry aka Jerry Fragrance 

So my idea is this: Since cologne and fragrances as an air freshener already exist, but in a not so great brand, why can't high end colognes do this (with a Barstool spokesman) and collect on the profits? Seems like a good question to me. 

I pitched it to Jersey Jerry himself , as well as asking for the price ranges on some of his favorite stuff . 

Who wouldn't want their car smelling like Baccarat 540? Who wouldn't trade the smell of leather in the morning for Tom Ford Tuscan Leather? I sure think a quick whiff of those beats the normal old scent of a Pontiac. That's for damn sure. 

Shame on Reags for looking at something and writing it off, instead of seeing how he can improve it and make money. Consider yourself officially cut out of the profits Reags. Now the difficult part will be convincing Jersey Jerry to cut me in.