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People Claim That The Titanic Had A MASSIVE Coal Fire That Damaged The Ship Before It Even Left For New York And It's Owner Let It Sink On Purpose

This is one of those conspiracies, as I say off the top, that I don't think I actually believe, but there sure are a LOT of coincidences that point to JP Morgan. JP Morgan might be the most evil man who ever existed, but that's a different story for a different podcast. This story says that JP Morgan actually owned the White Star Line which owned and operated the Titanic. You probably remember Di Caprio saying he was going to write a stern letter to the White Star Line as Rose was hogging that floating door. Well JP Morgan would've gotten that letter and thrown it in the trash because he gave zero fucks about anyone or anything besides his own personal wealth. 

The theory says that Morgan knew about a massive coal fire burning in the hull of the ship and that is the real reason why Morgan opted out of the Titanic's maiden voyage. He also didn't tell anyone and three of his biggest policy rivals just happened to be on board. That is a funny little coincidence. Oh and they all died so then within a year Morgan was able to get his Federal Reserve Act passed. Hmm.