Shaq Is 100% Right When He Says The Trio Of LeBron, Kobe, and Himself Would Sweep MJ, Bird, and Hakeem In a Seven Game Series

Shaq posted this on his Instagram and said that he would sweep the trio of Hakeem, Jordan, Bird and I couldn't agree more. LeBron and Kobe would have a field day with having Larry Bird defend them. Listen, this is why these debates will always be fun because it can never happen. We will never be able to really tell if Larry Bird or any of these players who played so long ago would be able to play in the NBA today. There's zero correct or incorrect response so people can just yell and scream forever. 

The thing is these old bags wouldn't stand a chance with the players playing today. Micheal Jordan obviously would be completely fine but I think Larry would have some real trouble with LeBron and Kobe. If these Old Fucks saw Giannis back then they would shit themselves. What the fuck is Larry Bird supposed to do against Prime LeBron attacking the rim? A guy over 7 foot shooting a three the olds would be asking the ref for a foul because they have never seen anything like that. 

I love that people get really in their feels and try to argue that these players in the 80's are as good as the players today. It isn't their fault but the players today are just way more athletic. Sweep it is.