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Terrible NBA Officiating Is Back Again, This Time They Gave Luka Doncic One Of The Worst Ejections You'll Ever See

David Berding. Getty Images.

It feels like I am writing this exact blog way too often, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do considering NBA officials continue to do things that make no goddamn sense. It seems like every other day we see calls/techs/ejections that defy any sort of logic. A week ago we had Luka getting a tech for yelling at his own teammate. Just 3 days ago we had Ja getting ejected for not even talking shit to a fan, simply telling that fan that he needs to start getting a better whistle and the official heard him so he got tossed. Think of that! How could anyone (aka Adam Silver) defend this?

Well guess who was back on their bullshit again last night, setting their sights on a familiar target

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Now you may be thinking that maybe Luka and JKidd had prior techs in this game and that's why they got tossed. You would be incorrect. Both guys had 0 techs before that little altercation, so I'm going to need someone to explain to me what they did (specifically Luka) to get ejected from this game. It's not like Luka got all up in the ref's face for missing a call. He didn't cause some sort of scene that may have violated the "Respect The Game" rules or whatever that bullshit is. Personally I don't really think that no call was that big a deal, and I'm sure Luka probably mumbled something under his breath, but an ejection? For that? Get the fuck out of here.

Once that happened JKidd's hands were kind of tied, he had to stick up for his best player so his ejection is a little less surprising. You run onto the court like that, you're going to get tossed, that's all fine and good. 

But Luka? With the game still in balance with an entire quarter to play, getting ejected like that is inexcusable. Especially when you could have just given him a tech! You want him to shut up? OK, give him a tech and tell him to keep his mouth shut. But to give two techs in that moment and toss Luka when we all have video evidence of what he did is incomprehensible. You could argue it impacted the result of the game because who knows what happens from that moment forward if Luka is playing. Maybe he has a huge 4th quarter and the Mavs win. 

You heard the announcer too, that official (Rodney Mott) has a history with Luka. It's pretty clear that history played a factor in his decision last night which is a HUGE problem for the league. Again, if you want to give Luka a tech there, fine. It would be weak but refs send a message to cut the bullshit all the time. To straight up toss him for that tells you it was personal and last time I checked NBA officials should not be making decisions or calling a game based on personal beefs or agendas. That seems….problematic. Luks was asked about this postgame and he seemed just as confused as the rest of us. He even admitted he probably deserved a tech!


If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times. Adam Silver needs to wake the hell up and fix his officiating problem. It's now happening on a nightly basis and is starting to impact the results of his product. Of course, the officials won't be held accountable for this, nothing will happen and we'll just move on to the next night's games where you can be your ass more of this shit will take place. 

For a league and a sport that I love, I really wish Adam Silver would stop ruining it.