Daniel Negreanu Took Horrific Beat that Crushed His WPT Championship Dreams

It is a common fallacy in poker that players think they are the only one to take bad beats. These players think top pros like Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth "run good" and are just luckier.

Not so fast my friends.....

With 17 people left in the titanic $10,000 World Poker Tour Championship Event at the Wynn, Daniel Negreanu was playing for a whopping FOUR MILLION DOLLARS for first place! 

And then this mind numbing hand happened.


Negreanu got all in with 20 FREAKING MILLION CHIPS in the middle on a 10-4-2-10 board with pocket 2s against pocket Kings. He had his opponent dead to two kings and two 10s. Daniel was a 92% favorite only to have his heart ripped out by a King on the river.

Despite all the crazy amount of success Negreanu has, I actually feel bad for him here. It is hard as hell to get through almost 3,000 players in one of the most prestigious events in the world only to get gutted like that. Doesn't matter who you are, it still sucks regardless. He ended up cashing for $176,200 while while that still seems like a lot, it is hardly a consolation prize for Daniel at the stakes he plays.


I felt this tweet from Daniel after my last few days in at Barstool Sports office in NYC to say the least.

Though Daniel didn't win it is abundantly clear that live poker is BACK! Almost 3,000 players in a $10,000 besides the WSOP Main Event is bananaland. They guaranteed a $15 million prize pool and nearly doubled it. 

It gets me fired up for the Return of The Destroyer! But we are a long way from playing at those stakes. I will be hitting the Southern Poker Circuit hard in 2023 and more poker content is on the way. Gotta crawl then walk before I can run again….

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