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7'5" Sim Bhullar Shined Up His Gigantic Shoe Real Nice And Shoved It Up Dwight Howard's Candy Ass

I've always wanted to use The Rock's saying in a headline and I finally found my chance. Could have used dominated, kicked his ass, any sort of normal saying like that. But nope, I figured The Rock worked here. Dwight Howard thought he could just show up in Taiwan and dominate? Think again. Not with 7'5" Sim Bhullar walking around the court. Not when you have the reigning MVP there. 

I've watched Bhullar since his college days. It's still insane to see a 7'5" dude running around. I know there are tall people but when someone is that big it's almost a miracle to see them that coordinated. It's always shocking to see a guy that big move like this. He's also 30 years old which might as well be 60 in sports years. This is what Sim Bhullar does though. He shines his giant shoe up real nice and sticks up the T1 league's ass. MVP! MVP! 

While we're talking wrestling (bring back Rasslin) I need Sim Bhullar to join AEW and team up with Satnam Singh. He's 7'2", former 2nd round pick of the Mavericks. They'd be the modern day Kane and Undertaker. Two tall ass guys who played college basketball. Let them break away from Jay Lethal and be the bash brothers. 

This is a good lesson for Dwight Howard though. You don't just show up to the Taiwan League and dominate. Not when Sim Bhullar is waiting for you in the paint.