We Got A BIG TIME UFO Sighting In The Great State Of Wisconsin Last Night

People always complain about the quality of video and images about UFOs. Like why does every video look shitty when the entire population has a high tech camera in their pocket at all times. Well, call me crazy, but this video is pretty good. A bunch of orbs flying around a rural Wisconsin sky in formation. If I know one thing about the good people of Wisconsin it's that they don't lie. I used to work out of Sheboygan quite a bit. It's filled with good people who are exactly what you expect. They eat sausages and cheese, they drink Millers, they hunt, and they tell the truth. They'd often call themselves "real Americans" which was meant to imply that people from Chicago, like myself, weren't actually as American as them. I think they're right to a degree. 

If they say they saw UFOs then they saw UFOs. The Aliens are begging to be caught. They're tired of trying to go through our governments. They want to connect with the real folks. The real Americans. The problem is that the real Americans in Wisconsin would greet these guys with buck shot right to their little green heads. Imagine some guy who played nose guard for Wisconsin-Whitewater and E.T. walks out of the woods at night. That little fucker is going to get beat to death with a hammer. Maybe that is why they're buzzing our tower habitually at this point. They gotta get the regular folks like us to be comfortable with the idea of their existence so they're not shot on sight with a 22. I am predicting an alien encounter by 2030. Shouldn't take that much more mainstream coverage before they feel safe to land and have a chat.