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Lighten the Fuck Up! The Man Was on Top & the Woman on the Bottom...

Oliver Gutfleisch. Shutterstock Images.

Two total strangers, a man and a woman, found themselves sharing the same roomette on an Amtrak sleeper car. 

After initially being uncomfortable with the arrangement, they both slipped out of their clothes and went to sleep, the man on the top bunk, the woman on the bottom. 

In the middle of the night, the man leaned over, woke the woman out of a sound sleep, and said, "I'm sorry to bother you, Honey, but I'm really cold, and I was wondering if you could get me another blanket?" 

The woman leaned out, looked up at the man, and with a flirtatious glint in her eye, responded, "I have a better idea, just for tonight, let's pretend we're married…" 

"Okay!" the man agreed, excited by the woman's totally unexpected intimate suggestion. 

"Great! Now get your ass down here, and go get your own damn blanket… Honey!"


Vindog has been repurposing jokes since 1968! This is LTFU joke #141! 

Just in case you missed the last one…                                                                                                 

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