Jay Gruden Says The Flag On Terry McLaurin Is The Worst Call He's Ever Seen And Calls For The Ref's Suspension


ICYMI, Terry McLaurin was flagged for illegal formation on Monday night. It makes no sense watching it back, and as it turns out Terry said the ref told him outloud that he was good to go.

Now, the below tweet got traction yesterday on Twitter and my feed was full of people saying "it's not the ref's job to tell him if he's good", to which anyone who has played organized football in their life then replied "you've obviously never played organized football in your life". I learned yesterday that from an early age WRs are taught to verify with the side official if he's on the line or not, and side officials are taught to communicate with the WR. 



So then former coach Jay Gruden went on the world famous Grant and Danny Show yesterday in DC and he called it the worst call he's ever see. Said he may have tackled the ref if he was on the sideline. Said the ref should be god damn suspended for it.



Amen to all of that. It nails it. McLaurin lined up like that all game. He verified with the ref he was good. It was a vital play in the game, a TD run from the 1 yard line, that Terry wasn't even a part of. It was a "look at me, I'm the ref" flag, it was incredibly insane to ever throw it, and it smells fishy as all hell. It's embarrassing the NFL employs these part time refs and holds them to zero accountability. How does that official not have to answer questions about his call after the game? He has a job out there just like everyone else who is on the field and answer questions after the game, but for some reason they are able to skate by. Refs are never questioned, hardly ever reprimanded by the league, and fans are let wondering how the fuck they can be so bad. I'm glad people are taking notice of this particular call, but all we'll get is a memo from the league saying "my bad". Hopefully we can get Gruden vs that ref in Rough n Rowdy. It would only be right.