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Argentina Is Putting On A Masterclass Of Partying And Showing The World How A Championship Parade Day Should Be Done

There's zero shot anyone in Argentina has slept since the World Cup Final. This is unbelievable but not also shocking. We're talking about Argentina, soccer, Messi, the World Cup. Yeah, I assumed we'd see something like this but that won't stop me from being in awe. It makes me want the US to win a World Cup so bad. I don't care how many hardos try to say soccer doesn't matter. The entire country celebrating a trophy would be insane. We'd get our Championship Parade Day title back. 

I don't even know how you move in this scenario. Don't get me wrong, we've seen good, even great championship parades. We've seen a shit ton of people line the streets and party. But this is something different. This has been 36 years in the making plus more people than I've ever seen at a parade. 

Biggest no-brainer decision was doing the national holiday. Uh ya think? Like people were going to sober up and go to work. Button up that top button, slap on some khakis and take the car to your shitty 9-5 job. No shot anyone in Argentina is going to work until at least 2023. Kind of works out perfect to have the parade right before Christmas break. 

Come on, look at this. This won't be topped for a long time: 

3:30 in the goddamn morning and no one cares one bit. 

All I know is if that cable took out Messi, I was ready to go full Bryson. Can't have Messi get taken out by a cable while sitting on a bus.