Eagles Pro Bowl DB Darius Slay Had HUGE Praise For Justin Fields After Sunday's Game

Here and there, pro athletes start their own podcasts or Twitch streams or what-have-you. A lot of times they do it simply for the extra coin. Lot of them started popping up over the pandemic. If you're any good at talking into a microphone while being entertaining and chopping it up with fans, Twitch can be a nice little side hustle. Same principal for podcasting.

And apparently Eagles' DB Darius Slay has his own little show. No idea how old it is or how many people listen to it, but the dude is clearly charismatic. Listen to the clip below:


Sure, he's one of the best DBs in the NFL right now, but that's a dude who clearly has a future ahead of him on the mic. Guess what? 

I don't give a SHIT about all that. 

Did you listen to him talk about Justin Fields right there? Goddamn!!! 

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That was 2 mins and 20 seconds of nothing but compliment after compliment after compliment. Let's bullet point them out 

- human highlight reel
- tough as nails
- fast as fuck
- the crowd was like "ooohh, ahhhh, ooooh, ahhhh"
- throws strong dudes off him

and last, but not least, "this dude is unreal!!!" 

I know, I know... he didn't say anything about him as a passer. At least not in this chopped down clip he didn't. Sure, we all know he can do this:

But he's *flashed* the ability to do this game to game. A lot:


But, can make those throws consistently through the air? Smitty thinks so:

Fact of the matter is this: Fields' OL is gutted with injuries ON TOP of being bad already and he's got no offensive weapons outside his own two legs, Monty and Kmet. I know Chicago sounds like one giant broken record right now, but the dude really might be the one. He might be the Prince that was Promised. Spare us your "he's a great RB" garbage. RB's can hit WRs perfectly in stride for 60 yard bombs.

Yes, Fields has to clean stuff up still. He gets cocky and makes bad throws, typically on screens and other short routes. But goddamn if he's not electrifying. 2023-24 will be a massive, massive year for him. Poles has a billion dollars to spend on OL anchors and weapons for him. 

Not to mention HOPEFULLY the #2 pick that can be turned into multiple 1st rounders or a freak WR or something. 

This was the year the league was put on notice. Next year?

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We broke it down on the Red Line Radio post game show with Smitty this week. Tune in and subscribe!!!