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The 49ers' Rookie Dinner Bill Came Out To $322K - We Simply Do Not Talk About The Concept Of "Rookie Dinners" Enough

Rookie dinners have to be most interesting thing in sports that don't get talked about enough. I understand it completely because the rookies have to pay their dues but if I got this bill as a rookie I would simply shit myself. Can you even put a 300k tab on a credit card? I'd probably be on the phone with my bank for hours while everyone just left the restaurant to go home. I mean that's a down payment on a house and you're just dropping that for dinner just like that. Obviously this is custom everywhere but if you're a rookie you gotta focus on football and only football. I could see myself forgetting to put that kind of money to the side in preparation for this night. Nightmare situation. 

If I had to do a dinner and was a rookie I would make sure I got to the dinner first. Go right up to the waiter, give them a nice bribe so they're on your side right away. Then tell him we are going to do a pre fixed meal and tell them exactly what everyone is getting so the vets can't run up the bill. No way I'm letting my teammates get the Norwegian Salmon for $50. You know I am poor because I didn't understand half of the things on the menu looking at that receipt.

I was also thinking about how rookie dinners go on terrible, dogshit teams. Like this would also suck if you were a rookie on the Texans. Do you think they make their rookies pay for a meal like this when the team is complete ass and has only one win? At least the 49ers are locked into the playoffs and poised for a deep run in January, but if you are on the Texans that would be the most depressing dinner of all time. Spending $300k and only winning 1 game this season is where I draw the line. Read the room guys. The team dinner is at Applebees and you are going to like the half off menu.