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Birthday Posts On Social Media Are Pointless And Stupid .... Until Ana Maria Markovic Introduced Us To Her Best Friend Eleni Rittman

Most of the time - by most, I mean all - social media birthday wishes are an auto skip for me. No need to go into much detail here, I just don't care. I don't need to see the story or post with 10 different pictures wishing a friend a Happy Birthday. Do the normal thing and shoot a text or a gchat. That's basically it. I actually think there's an age where you just stop sending birthday texts to friends. Family? Different talk here. But friends? If I see you on your birthday, sure. But I'm not spending 75% of the calendar year sending a birthday text.

That's until Ana Maria Markovic's post came across my Instagram. I've blogged about her before. You may remember her: 

But now she made a birthday post worth it. That's because she introduced us to her best friend Eleni Rittman, a Swiss soccer player: 

Best 1-2 combo in soccer outside of Sonny and Kane.