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The Cinematic Event That Everyone Is Anticipating Comes Out Later This Week

Over the past two years, I have worked with Michael Angelo on making the first Barstool Film as part of the series "Masterpiece." It has been a journey filled with frustration and detours. Often one or both of us were pulled off and tasked with more important projects, putting the film on the backburner. There have been sneak peeks, drone crashes, and theatrical contemplations. However, the hour is near, and the first behind-the-scenes feature is ready. The film, a 90-minute feature will document the journey to get the first Barstool movie made. 

It will premiere on Barstool and YouTube on Thursday, December 22nd. This trailer will give everyone a sneak peek at what will be seen.

The project started in 2020 when Michael Angelo was trying to teach me editing techniques. Along the way, we were discussing a short film that we could make, and the project titled "Look Out" was born. Masterpieces show the filmmaking process and how we began the road to the Oscars. Masterpieces is sure to have you glued to your seats and will bring entertainment to the entire family. So be prepared to be dazzled on Thursday as Masterpieces hits your home and your heart.