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Okay, I Think It's Time We Have An Honest Discussion About That Terrible Missed Call At The End Of The Giants-Commanders Game

I've seen people complaining about the refs on Twitter but was too busy to see exactly what they were talking about as I planned out my Victory Monday. But SHEESH, all those people have a right to be upset!

Here I thought the NFL cared about player safety yet they aren't protecting one of their young stars that played the game of his life on primetime? I'm not even sure what happened after Heinicke threw the ball because the play is null and void once the guy that was dogwalking the Commanders all night was no longer able to play because his eyeball was maimed, yes I used the word MAIMED, with a massive missed hands to the face penalty.

Wins and losses are temporary but a young man's vision is forever. Going blind in one eye could completely fuck up your spatial perception. Kayvon could've had issues shooting hoops or playing video games for the rest of his life, which is definitely something he'd love to do with his little Kayvons if/when he becomes a father in the future. Say what you want about a silly football game, but what happens on the field should never impact what happens off of it. I'm happy to see Commanders fans agree because it seems a lot of the complaints about the final play of the game were coming from them. #Somethings indeed. 

Speaking of which, I am proud as a Giants fan to have a coach that not only knows how the hell to coach a team but also respects the brave men and women that put their name on the line any given Sunday by calling penalties as they see them. We should all show such high regard for our officials in life.

I would scour the internet to see if any other missed calls were controversial, but again I have a lot of work to do during this busy time. Even if there were any bad missed calls, it is the holiday season which is a time where we should love one another. So let's all agree that the refs try really hard at their job, the NFC Beast is #BACK, and the only thing that matters is that both teams had fun. Deal? Deal!