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Kate Winslet Answers A 25 Year Old Question: Would Jack Have Fit On The Door In "Titanic"?

Everyone fucking hates Rose Dawson. She was an uppity twat that bitched and moaned CONSTANTLY about her life of privilege. Oh boo fucking hoo, you gotta perform your womanly duty and marry some rich banker? Cry my a goddamn river that's a dram life for an every day bum like me. The rest of your life you're gonna be sitting poolside, drinking martinis and having indentured servants fanning you with palm fronds?? Tough life to live!!! Try writing 2-3 blogs a day and telling dick jokes. 

Your life ain't so bad now, is it Rose??? Quit your goddamn bitching you asshole. 

She was awful for all the reasons I listed above, yes, and not only all of that, she fucking killed Jack. KILLED him. The moment she stepped foot on free, American soil she should have been charged with 1st degree murder. Everyone knows there was room for Jack on that floating door in the middle of the Atlantic. EVERY one. 

Even science, bitch. Here's Rose's assholeness being proven on Myth Busters, the end all/ be all of science shows:

I implore you to NOT listen to Kate Winslet tell you otherwise. She's covering for her character. I know it, you know it, both Adam and Jamie know it, and Jack Dawson's frozen ass at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean knows it. 

But here we are, with Kate Winslet trying to cover her tracks in a recent interview where she's promoting the new Avatar movie:


Jack could have fit on the door and Rose's selfish ass didn't let him on. Fuck her. Not only should she have saved him by letting him on the door, she should have given him the Heart of the Ocean too. Not chuck it to the bottom of the ocean like 90 years later. 

I am seething constructing this blog. We might have to draft villains on a snake draft soon. Rose has a claim for 1-1. She's that bad of a human.