Messi Deserves Another World Cup Title For Not Giving One Single Fuck About Salt Bae And Rejecting Him On The Field

That's why Messi is the greatest to do it. That loser Salt Bae is out here trying to grab him and acknowledge his greatness and Messi simply doesn't give a fuck. I haven't seen a rejection like this since a 2am visit to Two Keys. And you know what? Rightfully so. This is how everyone should treat Salt Bae. I don't get it. I don't get the appeal. Not to mention the guy is from Turkey. What's he doing there? He's not from Qatar. He's not from Argentina. Get him off the field. This guy sucks: 

Trying to put salt on the World Cup trophy? Fuck outta here dude. Not to mention touching it. Have some sense of the moment. Stop clout chasing and being a dork. I really wish someone at least slapped him or pushed him. Need someone to be an enforcer here (thanks Jordie for always making me think of that word). 

Shout out Messi for at least rejecting him. Ronaldo probably would have posted the picture on Instagram because he craves likes. Built different I guess. Clean rejection.