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Local Man Goes Out In The Cold With No Jacket And Nearly Dies But Not For The Reason You Expect

We'll all been there. It's early in the morning you know it's freezing aka brick outside but you just have to do one quick thing. Start the car, grab the bag you left out there and bring it inside, grab something, take the garbage out before they come collect, or in this poor bastard's case get the mail. 

So you know the task will take 30 seconds or a minute max, and you say ehhh I don't need a jacket, or in some cases you don't need real shoes you just slip on flip flops (admitted this is a lunacy move if the snow) , or what I used to do was squeeze into the first pair of shoes you saw by the door. As a kid I was a Men's 7 and would just jam my feet into my mom's shoes or my brothers or have major space in the front and throw on my dad's shoes. The task was 30 seconds ...what's the difference. 

So back to this guy. He knows it is freezing he know's he's in a tshirt, he lets the dog out quick to piss and doesn't think twice ... 

Boom before he can pick his head up in time, which he luckily did, he's got a fucking moose charging at him and nearly ramming him into his Chevy. Bonus shit you pants moment is realizing he's gotta get the 12 pound dog out of there before the moose eats him like a fruit snack. 

Absolutely insane video and lucky break for this guy who went out to get the mail. No idea how that moose got there, but you can bet your ass this guy will never walk out of the house without his head on a swivel that's for damn sure.