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Get This Message To Calipari: Kentucky Radio Caller Is Nearly Brought To Tears Because This Year's Team Is A Disaster

Yep. This is it. This sums up every Kentucky fan (basically). This is after another loss in a big game, something that's far too often now. It wasn't even a loss to UCLA. It was the dogshit offense. The dogshit rotations. The lack of caring, toughness and quite frankly no one on this team having balls to go make a play. All while Calipari promised change and still nothing changing. 

It's really not that difficult. That's not to knock college basketball coaches, but it's not that difficult to see the problem here. 1) Get some fucking shooting. You can't run lineups with Sahvir Wheeler, Oscar, Lance Ware/Toppin and just have people sit in the lane. It's 2022. You can't have a point guard who can't shoot. You can't have a 4 man who can't shoot. 2) Jacob Toppin ain't it. Two years in a row now he's been some sort of 'breakout star' candidate. He's not. He's not good. He thinks he's the No. 1 option on offense, he should be 4th or 5th. 

So shout out this guy. He has one wish - get this message to Calipari. Love that he thinks that's an option. Oh, yeah, well if Cal is going to take offers to learn from people, let me get on the horn with him. This guy also sums up Kentucky fans. We will shed tears, fuck you if you don't cry over your favorite team. We're going to pass down that fandom to our kids and our nieces and nephews (also etc, not sure who was etc here but he's ready for it). He also hits the cliche 'stop worrying about your draft stock'. Well, this team has 2 guys that could be worried about that - Wallace and Livingston. Oscar is who he is and will be a 2nd round pick. Wallace has arguably been our best player and Livingston finally got some playing time and looked the part. So we can drop that cliche. 

Now the argument of regular season not mattering has some truth to it. BUT only if you win some shit. You can't lose every big game and then not make a Final Four in 7 years and think you can keep saying that. You can say it from 2009-15. But now? Maybe if you didn't blow the Elite Eight game to Auburn. Maybe if you didn't lose to St. Peter's. That shit has to stop. 

I know what Calipari has coming in next season and that matters. But he's gotta stop with the old school shit. It's not working anymore.