The Official Trailer For Christopher Nolan's "Oppenheimer" Has Been Released And It Looks...Fine.

Christopher Nolan is my hero. He'll always have a lifetime pass in my book. The guy made "The Dark Knight," so I'm inclined to love him forever. Even the movies he's made that I'm not crazy about have more effort put into them than 99.9% of Hollywood shlock that gets put out every single week. KenJac often refers to "Tenet" as Christopher Nolan's heat check, and that's a perfect way to put it. I respect "Tenet," though I still can't claim to have understood it. "Oppenheimer" seems like it's Nolan going back a bit more to basics. Don't get me wrong, it's very clearly steeped in his style. 

One thing I love about Christopher Nolan is that it is very obvious when you're watching one of his films that it's his own, but I never find him to be obnoxious with his style. Zack Snyder, to me, is a prime example of a director whose style just engulfs his films, and it annoys me. Nolan's visual flair alone makes him one of the greatest directors of his generation. It appears "Oppenheimer" will abide by a bit more narrative structure than some of his previous films. 

The official trailer for the film was released Sunday night, and.. it's fine. Don't get me wrong, I think this movie is going to be really good. It's a Christopher Nolan movie with 1 million famous people in it about the Godfather of the atomic bomb. That's a fascinating story, and I'm really excited to see what Nolan does with it. But if this movie was directed by somebody else, I'd probably watch this trailer and shrug my shoulders. It only gives away a little information which I'm okay with, but considering how brilliant of a director Nolan is, I'm surprised that this trailer doesn't feature any of those spectacular visuals we are accustomed to seeing in trailers for Christopher Nolan movies. And maybe that's a good thing. 

This could be more of a soulful drama, and if that's the case, more power to him. I'm sure the movie is going to be excellent. I think Christopher Nolan and his films will age remarkably well. He's a big-budget filmmaker with art-house sensibilities. And ever since "The Dark Knight," he's been given blank checks for all of his movies, which is a big reason why they all look incredible. I'm sure "Oppenheimer" will be no different. I can't wait for July 21st.