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Zach Wilson's Return As Jets QB Was Chaotic, Uneven And Featured An Awful INT, So In Other Words He Was Perfectly On Brand

You know how the New York Jets seem to rally around Mike White and hang on his every word and action? Yeah, whatever the inverse of that would be, that's how teammates react to Zach Wilson. 

You could say he showed "improvement" in Sunday's 20-17 loss to the Lions since he got Gang Green in position for a long field goal to tie the game with one second left on this spectacular play:

But then you realize he took a bad sack to get into that crazy, desperation conversion situation in the first place. Then you see the ugly-ass stat line as far as completion percentage is concerned: 18-for-35. This dude still cannot throw an accurate football. Yes, he threw for 317 yards and got some help on some chunk plays and made a little magic happen. He also still refuses to quit missing gimme completions like this:

You might say "gimme" for that far of a pass is being too harsh. Wilson was the No. 2 overall pick. He should make that throw with ease. Jets players obviously understand that, hence their incensed reaction.

Oh, and the absolutely baffling, brain-melting blunders that Wilson has become most known for in his NFL career? Got one of those specialty items, too:

AND nearly another one with yet another instance of reckless decision-making (Wilson's alleged, self-professed superpower):

Wilson played to the podium a little better than last time when he got benched. Which is to say there wasn't many other places to go but up from there. That said, does this sound like a guy confident he can lead this franchise into the future and into the playoffs this year?

I'm not even a Jets fan but I've already had enough of this guy. I think I saw Mike Greenberg say, "He's too good to be this bad" or something like that. Couldn't agree more. It makes no sense how Zach Wilson sucks at football as much as he does given his potential and innate physical skill set. And I say that acknowledging he just threw for 317 yards in an NFL game. That's how many yards dude still leaves on the field and how high his ceiling is.

Look, maybe we just need to have a little more patience with Wilson as he matures. But like…the little sabbatical he took from the starting lineup didn't really change much. The Jets better hope Mike White's ribs or whatever else is jacked up heal really soon, because their 2022 playoff hopes are fucked with Wilson under center. Sunday's defeat to Detroit just further confirmed that.

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