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Matt Ryan And The Indianapolis Colts Just Blew The Biggest Lead In NFL History In The Most Predictable Way

I'm fairly numb to the Colts at this point. Maybe I'm just not a great fan, but I didn't bat an eye at the 33 point Vikings comeback we just witnessed. The Indianapolis Colts were up 33-0, and at no point was I remotely comfortable. Actually, that's not true. I was comfortable for the entirety of that game. I was comfortable in knowing that the Vikings were going to comeback and win. 33-0 was not enough to get my hopes us. My honest thoughts when the Colts went up 33-0 were, "Oh nice at least we'll have a close finish".

I just sat back and while 50% of my timeline put their own unique spin on a Jeff SATURDAY joke, waiting for the comeback to start. I'd barely even call it a comeback. It didn't have the feeling of a "Holy shit can you believe the Vikings made this a game?!" type of comeback . It just seemed like the natural progression of that football game. The only reason the Colts were up was because the Vikings were gift wrapping them points in the first half.

A fake punt on a 4th & 1 from their own 35 yard line? And they threw a jump ball. They were begging the Colts to go up 33-0. But you knew that wasn't going to happen the whole game. Water always finds it's level. It was only a matter of time before it got close.

Kirk Cousins did his best to ruin everything the Vikings had coming to them. 

But even the force of Kirk Cousins wasn't enough to prevent that inevitable Vikings win.

Not even stressed about it. The Colts gave me an entertaining few hours of my lazy Saturday afternoon. Thank you Colts. Thank you Jeff Saturday. The season has been over for me ever since they lost that close game to the Eagles in Jeff Saturday's second game. When Jim Irsay hired Jeff Saturday, it gave the Colts a bit of a spark. It was still early in the season, so the playoffs weren't totally out of the question. The prospect of ESPN Analyst Jeff Saturday dunking on the rest of the NFL by showing that someone with zero coaching experience can be just as good as coaches who've dedicated their whole lives to the profession was fun to cheer for. But that didn't last long. Jeff Saturday was funny for 2.5 weeks. Once the funny wore off, there was nothing left to cheer for. 

The Colts are playing for a draft pick now. I'm not mad about that. Next season they're going to have an entirely new look (hopefully). We'll have some beasters level free-agent quarterback who I'll convince myself will be good enough to lead the Colts to the playoffs. We really are just a quarterback away from making some noise.

Matt Ryan blowing a lead bigger than 28-3 is pretty funny too.


Raimund Linke. Shutterstock Images.