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Jackson State Loses The Celebration Bowl And Its Perfect Season On Possibly The Worst Drop In Football History

Oh no. Not like this.

Jackson State went to overtime in the Celebration Bowl — after an insane touchdown catch from Travis Hunter with no time remaining in regulation — and had this happen on 3rd and goal with the game and an undefeated season hanging in the balance. The Tigers' final play was blown up and Shedeur Sanders had to heave a prayer into the end zone that fell harmlessly to the turf.

That third down play was such a great call and everything was executed to perfection until Hayden Hagler just ... dropped the ball. It was perfectly placed in both of his hands. I still can't believe that wasn't a touchdown.

And not that it really matters, but the white guy dropping the pass to potentially cost Jackson State a 13-0 season in Coach Prime's final game at the school is simply too poetic and cruel.

Just tough scenes all around. JSU deserved a better ending to the Deion Sanders era than this.